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The AARP Information Center at 6700 N. Oracle Road opened its new offices in July 2004, having moved from its previous location on Broadway Avenue. The new offices provide a greater opportunity for AARP members, and seniors in general, to find information and services in Tucson and surrounding areas. The Arizona Attorney General established a satellite facility in our office in 2007; see the Services section.

In Late 2007, the Tucson Information Center was one of the first AARP branches to have the AARP Foundation's new WorkSearch program installed. Several of our volunteers have been trained in its operation. In it, the skills and interests of clients are entered into the computer and compared with a list of comparable jobs within a short distance of the client's zip (postal) code.  The client is taught how to access the free program on the internet and take short tests applicable to the work being sought.  Gaps in skill levels are pointed out, with suggestions how to improve them and, for a fee, a Jobs Skills Certificate can be earned from one of eight major educational institutions.  An appointment is necessary and availability to our computers will be on a first come, first served basis.

Our Mission:


bulletProviding information and referral services to seniors aged 50+ on subjects of particular interest and importance to older Southern Arizonans.
bulletProviding assistance to seniors looking for job opportunities and employers looking for older workers.
bulletProviding opportunities for seniors to learn basic computer skills and become active as AARP volunteers in service to Tucson and surrounding communities.

Information Center Profile:

The information center is staffed by retired AARP volunteers with years of experiences and responsibilities in many different fields of employment. Click the Services tab for volunteer information.  The information center is a branch of the AARP Arizona State Office representing the National AARP organization.

Contact Information:

Our office is open to the public from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except on state and national holidays. Off season hours (July and August) are 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. If you want to visit us, please call ahead of time. We may be contacted as follows:

(      Telephone: 520-571-9884 (leave a message if no answer).        
   FAX: 520-571-9832                                                                      
+ Postal address: 6700 N. Oracle Road, Suite 331
?    Electronic mail:   tuaarpinfo@qwestoffice.net                                                                     Visitors to this page.
"       Web Site: (this page) www.aticente.qwestoffice.net                                                                 Hit Counter


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